Wearable Technology for Field Sports

Take player analysis to a whole new level with Drill, a wearable device that gives you access to every bit of on field data about your players you will ever need.

What is the Drill ?

  • Revolutionary wearable device for field game players
  • Quantify, track and improve game performance
  • Easy data sync and complete analytics
  • Leverage training data to elevate players to world class level.

What is the use ?

  • Player/Team performance tracking.
  • Player injury prediction.
  • Player benchmarking and comparison.
  • On place to monitor the entire team.

Wearable Tech to take your club to a truly World Class level

Get the Drill for your team and never miss another vital stat from the field. Its time to capture, measure and improve every single day.

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The drill wearable device uses advanced tracking to generate data that is needed to transform your team to be truly world class . Schedule a free demo today.