Academy Management Simplified.

Registrations and Memberships

  • Online Memberships
  • Reminders
  • Renewals
  • Payment Tracking

Communication tools

  • Messages
  • Multi-academy Management
  • Groups
  • Social Media Integration

Schedule and Attendance

  • Calendar based scheduling
  • Alerts
  • Availability
  • Reports

Support and Relations

  • All member data in one place
  • Privacy and Security
  • Track everything
  • Streamline

End to end Training Management Solution

Organize all your future training sessions with ease. Track activity and performance. Communicate efficiently. Take your academy brand to a whole new level !

  • Plan & Track Training Sessions
  • Generate Session Reports
  • Track Student performance & Progress
  • Rate Sessions
  • Schedule modification
  • Send Notifications

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Take your academy management to a whole new level with Protege Academy Management.