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March 24, 2017
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5 tips to increase your productivity as an academy

The need to ensure and enhance productivity is a reality no organisation can ignore. Due to the neck to neck competition between academies these days, increasing the productivity is the need of the hour. Effective management will ensure the day to day activities are carried out in perfect fashion which in turn will increase the productivity.

Lets focus on the 5 best ways to increase productivity of an academy

  • Effective Communication

For any organisation to function properly, communication between every active member is the most important thing. In this case, as an academy, every member from the ground staff, the management, the players should be in perfect congruity which each other. Effective communication ensures all the daily activities are carried out properly without any miscommunication. In some cases, for example, there are players who are not able to communicate their needs or input to the team in a proper manner. In such cases, a centralized counselling facility needs to be adopted by the academy to effectively identify the needs of the players and the other modules of the academy.


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  • Better Facilities

For any academy to stay at the top level for a long period of time requires excellent training facilities and an experienced coaching staff. Coaches need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the players and need to work on them to bring out the best out of them. Coaches play a huge role in the making of any player, working on the weaknesses and improving the skill set of the players. For this to happen, academies need to invest in better training and coaching facilities.


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  • Effective use of technology

Technology plays a huge part in development of sport in today’s world. Today, there are a range of products in the market that can help players track their performances and identify their week points, work on them and reach the next level. Performances can be maximized with the use of technology, for example, coaches and players can make use of the different performance tracking devices to map their skills. Performance tracking devices help you map your performances in the sense, a winger can use the device to track his movements on the field of play. According to the data collected by these devices, with the help of the coaches he/she can make necessary changes to their game.Image Source : (via thefootballmind.com)

  • Encouraging Team Work
    Teamwork is the gist of an organisational activity. Getting people to work together ensures that the work is done in a more systematic way and in lesser time than usual. Teamwork ensures that the complete team is contributing equally towards achieving a common target, thereby saving time, energy and resources, also increasing the productivity of the academy. Team work ensures that there is more work done in a less amount of time. Distribution of work and later streamlining it together means lesser work load,subsequently a happy and a more productive team.

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  • Resource Management
    Resource Management is another important activity of any setup. Resources need to be used judiciously utilized, avoiding any kind of wastage. For example, a specific activity needs to be allocated more resources at a certain point in a year, while the other activity can take a backseat for the time being, needs to be decided upon. Such decisions can prove to be very crucial in the books of academies and need to be specifically taken care of. For such crucial decisions, an effective resource management team needs to be delegated. Academies need to realize that resource management is an ever changing landscape and keep up with the changing situations.

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